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The good house redefined
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Planet Architecture is a residential consultancy and design practice specializing in sustainable architecture for new homes and renovations.

Our vision is that as many people as possible live in homes that are environmentally sound and emotionally satisfying. To this end, we have defined two work principles that guide both the design and business aspects of our practice. They are:

The good home principle

People and the environment are interdependent. This means that a home that is good for one has to be good for the other. We define a good home as a home that is just the right size for its purpose, has bright and airy rooms, keeps naturally cool in summer and warm in winter, is made of healthy materials and can be readily opened to the outdoors. It is stylish yet won’t cost the Earth.

Whether we work on a new home or an existing one that needs a new life, we consistently let this vision of a good home be our main inspiration.

The complete service principle

While many defining decisions get locked in within a short period of time in the early stages of a project, we recognize that following projects to completion provides a continuity of vision, a tight control of timing and budget and an assurance that green specifications don’t get lost along the way.

'...healthy materials'

'...the right size'


'...bright and airy'

'...naturally cool'

'...water and energy efficient'

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