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Design consultations

The good house redefined
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We provide consultancy to clients who are interested in advice for a particular residential property and/or a sustainability review.

Common reasons for consultation include:


This applies to both vacant blocks and existing homes. With sustainability criteria in mind, we establish the legal and natural constraints of a site and its suitability to supporting the home prospective buyers envisage. If the property is already built on, we assess the potential of the home to be modified to suit the clients’ needs. Please note that properties are assessed for their design potential rather than their condition.

Design review

We review concept plans for a proposed new home or renovation to ensure that the design is functional, economical and environmentally sound.

Transformation priorities

We survey the current design of the home and determine what in our opinion is the most urgent transformation and the one that would have the most impact on the home livability and sustainability, with or without a defined budget.  


Consultation fees

Pre-purchase assessment of design potential
for home or land…………………………………………$320

Other consultations (2 hours approx.)……………..….$360

Extra time is charged at $110 per hour – we find the 2 hour visit is sufficient in most cases. Fee includes travel costs within the Melbourne metropolitan area. Please consult us for travel rates to other areas.

Consultations are verbal, although we often draw sketches during our visit to illustrate a point. Clients are welcome to take notes. To make the most of a consultation for an existing home, it is best if we can peruse the existing floor plans drawn to scale (local councils usually have a copy).

Our policy

Consultations are useful in many situations, but cannot replace concept plans in situations where design solutions need to be researched more thoroughly and accurately. If we find during a consultation that concept plans are desirable, we deduct half the consultation fee from the design drawing fee if clients decide to proceed before the end of the consultation.

Our fees as posted include GST.

Consultations are payable by cheque or cash on completion.

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