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Design Philosophy.

Design Philosophy.

Our design philosophy is guided by the concept of climatic architecture.

Born in France, Director Marie Carrel admits there is no return from having been raised in a sunny apartment with double-glazed windows and comfortable hydronic heating. While indeed the Victorian climate is not quite as harsh as that of France, the main difference is that the French are comfortable in their homes in all seasons while many Victorians shiver in winter and suffer the summer heat, with only energy-hungry equipment offering some relief.​

Common home design and construction philosophy at work in many parts of Australia is that of quantity over quality. Unfortunately, more rooms and larger rooms do not make for a good habitat when the lights need to be turned on during the day, when the draughty heating system affects one’s health or when energy bills continue to rise.   

Instead, we vow at Planet Architecture to design for the Australian climate the sort of comfortable and energy-efficient homes that Europeans take for granted. We ensure our clients’ budget is used in meaningful ways and select our builders based on their skills and attention to detail. We believe that a well-considered floor plan, appropriate energy strategies and a meticulous building team constitute a well-tested formula in delivering a durable home that can withstand the changing climate with a modest carbon footprint.

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