A renovation project is a rewarding experience.

Renovating allows clients to realize that their home has the potential to provide 21st century living while avoiding the costs of building or buying a new home. It is a sound environmental choice as it conserves the embodied energy used to manufacture and install building materials. Existing homes come in all shapes and sizes, but our experience time and time again is that with the proper skills, even a featureless, poky and dark home can be transformed into one that is more comfortable, beautiful and economical.

What about budget?

It is of course easier to make extensive changes when a large budget is available as it offers more design options and often allows several areas of the house to be transformed. A modest budget should not be overlooked however, as sometimes adding a new window, relocating a bathroom or just pulling down a wall can make a significant contribution towards enhancing a home. Whichever budget is available, we ensure it is spent to maximum effect, increasing both liveability and sustainability.

Master plan

Using a master plan is another effective way to work with budget. A master plan establishes the long term vision of the house transformations. We then identify two or three stages to suit the available budget at any given time. Each stage contributes to a greater vision while the first stage enables us to immediately improve living conditions.

How about retrofitting green equipment?

Installing rainwater tanks and solar panels, sealing drafts, insulating walls and ceilings are all excellent measures to save energy and money and respond to climate change. We have expertise in advising clients, providing documentation of specifications and arranging installation with reliable professionals. It is good to note that while retrofitting plays an important role in improving energy efficiency, it will not turn a dark, poky home into a passive solar haven. More often than not, some architectural alterations will be needed to achieve the feel and comfort clients are looking for. A holistic assessment of budget and site conditions allows us to determine design priorities.